Maybe you are content with the number of belongings you own, but do you ever have trouble finding what you are looking for? I'll help you figure out the most intuitive placement for your things, as well as make your storage solutions as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Baby steps-a closet is the perfect place to start this journey. The time investment is small, but the pay-off is big! It is so refreshing to open a closet door and see everything in its place.


What room is most important to you in your home? Your bedroom? Bathroom? Kitchen? If we can pick one space to start the process in, having one space in order can set the tone for your day, and the rest of your home. Order breeds order-let’s start today!

Whole House

We will go through your house room by room defining the purpose of each room, and streamline what is kept there to serve that purpose. We will organize using tools you already own, and then purchase additional storage solutions if necessary.

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