What Clients Say

"Alicia helped me sort through my complete wardrobe and did a fabulous job! With her gentle presence and questions along the way, I was able to let go of MANY items of clothing. The practical tips she shared as we worked together were so helpful; even several years later, I continue to apply those tips. By the end of our session, I was able to fit ALL my clothes in my limited bedroom storage space rather than storing off season clothes elsewhere. She left me feeling so free and light."
"Alicia has a good mix of empathy for sentiments attached to some things and practicality of  whether they continue to add value to my life."
"I have worked with Alicia for a decade at church. She has led ministries and programs during this time. I have been grateful for Alicia's good eye toward organization. Every time we are in sorting mode, Alicia is at the center of our organizing work. We are so grateful for her partnership!"
"A couple months after moving into our new apartment we still had several boxes we hadn't even opened or gone through yet. Alicia came over and helped me brave opening those boxes and sort through them one by one-- something that I didn't have the motivation to do by myself. She was patient and never passed judgment on things I wanted to keep around. She helped me eliminate boxes and condense other things into smaller boxes. She patiently set aside my husband's keepsakes because he wasn't present to give his opinion on what he wanted to keep. I felt more organized and relieved when she left. And she had energy to keep going if I wanted to do more!"
"It has been my extreme pleasure to come and know Mrs. Alicia Oberkircher as an employee for well over 3 years.  She has always displayed an array of qualities that most could only hope to obtain."
"Alicia was amazing at helping me go through my very overstuffed closet. She was patient and kind and extremely useful for helping me think through why I shouldn’t necessarily be keeping that ratty old sweater that I was emotionally attached to. She talked me through the project when I was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to quit. Two
thumbs up!"

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